Tell your company’s story

Can we use storytelling to present your brand? What is it you do and why do you do it? What’s your company’s current place in the world? What are your dreams for the future?


Stories are data with a soul. In this workshop we discover the magic of storytelling. We use this awareness to take a look at your company’s identity. We will figure out how to communicate your brand’s story in an inspiring way.

Whether you are starting something new and need to hone your ideas or you’ve been in the game for a while and want to rewrite your identity, I will happily help you infuse new life into the data that makes up your story.

Why Take this Course?

With a good story you can engage us, make us aware of a problem or let us fall in love with an idea. A clear and engaging brand identity is crucial for effective marketing and communication. In this workshop we explore the identity of your company and how to communicate that story.

Together, we delve into the narrative of your company; its origins, journey and current place in the world. We get to the heart of what you do and why you do it.

Storytellers create heroes and play with suspense. They are skillful in the way they shape information, make choices and adapt to circumstances. With a little help, you too can infuse your data with soul, make it accessible and adapt it to an audience and occasion. We will find a way to steer clear of sales pitch style explanations, so that you and your audience can truly connect to your story.

We help you to share your company’s mission.