presentation training

Do you have an important presentation coming up? Do you struggle to speak in public? When doing a presentation, do you know what makes us want to listen to you? How can you shape the content of your speech to trigger people’s interest? Do you actually believe what you are saying?

This course will help you discover how to present an idea to an audience in an engaging way. We work on authentic stage presence. We use our body as a partner and learn how to enjoy being on a stage!


Presentations are a type of performance that most of us come across in our work life. In this workshop we explore the phenomenon of spoken language, assisting you in tailoring presentations to specific spaces and audiences. This will help you with your next speech, to face your stage fright head-on or brush up on your general presentation skills.

Rather than turning you into just another public speaker, I will help you take what already makes you great, and bring it to the forefront.

The quirks which make you an individual should be celebrated!

We look at speechwriting practices and simulate public speaking situations so that you can practice your presentations.

  • We will use our body as a partner, find comfort in the moment and enjoy the variety of our voices!
  • I give constructive feedback for you to take into your future, long term. I create a safe environment for you to learn about yourself and discover hidden talents.
  • Using TED strategies, vocal expression practices, and physical theatre exercises, I help hone your public speaking skills.
  • We celebrate the things that make you you, allowing you to embolden your personality rather than turning you into “just another public speaker”.

Stand up and inspire!