I especially enjoy working with engineers, because they have something to say. Even if they are a bit introverted, they can become inspirational speakers. We all should listen to them, because they shape a big part of our future.
— Felix Ritter

Felix is a curious communication coach, a popular speaker, an exciting storyteller and a structured dramaturg.​

He was born and educated in Germany, studying Philosophy at JW Goethe University before delving into the world of theatre. He trained with Theatre L’Opprime in France and did a master of applied theatre research in Gießen.

Felix worked in Germany as a director, then moved to Amsterdam, where his focus shifted to dramaturgy, an important part of performance and story-telling.

Felix discovered his aptitude for communication training when he was asked to train Lutheran reverends in public speaking skills. Since then, he has trained software engineers, university professors, managers and sales teams. He became a trainer for the TX academy in Zurich.

In 2018 he founded the company www.theauthentics.nl with Marta Pisco and Susanna Brenner, because they discovered a mutual passion for communication and creativity, and dreamed of building something exciting together.
He alos started this last years to share his findings with larger audiences and became a popular speaker for online and offline conferences.

The beginning of the pandemic was quite a shock for Felix. All workshops got cancelled, but he was not alone with this problem and started to train costumers how to present online.

Languages: German, Dutch, English, French

Fun fact: Felix is the son of a preacher man.