Embody Leadership

When you’re speaking in a group, do you ever find people don’t take you seriously? That they don’t really listen? This course will teach you the soft skills you need to lead and communicate more effectively.


This workshop can make you a better leader, help you better communicate your ideas to others and even improve your relationship with customers. This course focuses on body awareness, employee branding and stakeholder branding.

This course will teach you…

  • how to sell an idea to the board
  • how to improve your body language
  • how to use the body as a support in meetings
  • how to listen to people
  • how to get rid of stage fright
  • how to motivate a team
  • how to tell the bad news
  • how to embrace the good news
  • how to keep the fire burning
  • how to pitch your mission on daily bases
  • how to convince a client

Working in a safe and comfortable environment we’ll explore your presentation skills, approach and role awareness, using tension-building and humour to improve your public speaking. We’ll practice presenting in a variety of situations – including chairing employee or team or public meetings. You’ll also raise body-language awareness, learn voice optimization and unlearn bad habits. We’ll also give you feedback on your performance and tips gleaned from contemporary rhetorical theory. You’ll get a personalized program of exercises to sustainably improve your soft skills.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for any leader, for team leads, people that regularly need to lead meetings and anyone interested in advancing their career in management.