awesome online presentation

Are they really listening?

Are you struggling to convey your message when presenting in virtual meetings using Hangouts or Zoom? Do you suffer under the limitations of endless video calls? Is the connection working? How long do we have to stare at screens?

This course will show you how to present an idea to an online audience in an engaging way. Online sessions can be useless and boring, but they can also be surprisingly efficient and fun. This course will teach you how. We also practice how to shape and organize meetings in a way that they are useful, fun and empowering.

When I started to train people to present online, I thought:
Puh that’s heavy, because they are so far away. I was totally mistaken.
It felt heavy because we are closer!
When we meet in zoom or in a hangout you are around 1,5 meters away from me.
I can’t touch and smell you.
But I can see little details in your face.
This allows me to speak much softer and much faster than I would in a meeting room. If we embrace this online intimacy, that’s a great opportunity for collaboration, brainstorming and to convince an audience of a useful solution.  
— Felix Ritter

Why Take this Course?

The economy is changing with unknown speed due to the corona crises. Nothing will be like it was before. What if you would become the voice of innovation? This course will train you to give directions and to motivate others to go for them.

Can you inspire through a camera lens? What if your goals would sound attractive and fun? What about you makes us want to listen to what you have to say? How can you shape the content of your speech to trigger people’s interest?

We will

  • work on authenticity and online-presence.
  • flirt with cameras,
  • learn how share creativity online,
  • find out how to integrate and exchange,
  • apply TED strategies and train solution-oriented thinking,
  • maybe dance together in our living rooms….

In a second step you can use Felix as sparring-partner in a 1 by 1 training to build and present your own motivational speech.