Build your speech with Felix

Do you need to give an inspirering speech at your kick-off session? Are you to busy to prepare it well? Do you need to pitch an idea? To present your business? Give a talk? Do you need a partner for that? Would you like to know how to keep the fire burning? How to motivate and stimulate employees and stakeholders?
Would you like to talk like TED?

In this coaching session you can use Felix as a sparring partner, dramaturg, ghostwriter and researcher to prepare and build your speech.
It makes sense to start the process early, because some ideas need to grow.
We will develop a speechwriting practice for you, employ successful TED-Talk strategies. We will sharpen your content into a 1 surprising idea. We will find the right tools to entertain, inform and convince your employees and stakeholders. You will learn how to present the good news and the bad news. We will stop to play bull shit bingo and gain clarity about our content.

The process leads to a 1 by 1 presentation training.
You will be ready to rock the stage and to infect me with your enthusiasm.

Make me a fan – but don’t try to sell me anything.