Felix Ritter


1995-2000 Master of applied theatre research Justus – Liebig – University Gießen

1992-1994 Training in theatre education “Théâtre de l’Opprimé” in Marseille

1991-1992 Studying J.W.Goethe/University Frankfurt am Main

Since 2008 Mentor, Advisor and lecturer for dramaturgy und concept developement at SNDO (school for new dance development) at the Theaterschool Amsterdam. He was also mentoring at the Master of Choreography in Amsterdam for Arkadi Zaides, Aitana Codero, Martin Nachbar und Jeanine Dunning.

2001-2004 Director/Assistant at Theater Ingolstadt

2000-2001 Assistant Director Stadttheater Bremerhaven

Dramatugy/ Performances
2015    Kapsalon Theater Mervaart, Amsterdam, NL

2014    Lenz Theater Malpertuis, Tielt, Be

2013    Still Live, Nicole Beutler, Amsterdam, NL

2012    Mapping 12 Minutes Dwarf Gallery, von Susanna Brenner und Felix Ritter und Reykjavik, Island
LAND-RESEARCH by Arkadi Zaides Potsdamer Tanztage, D
‘crash course chit chat’ by Sanja Mitrovic Den Haag. NL

2011    ‘short history of crying’ by Sanja Mitrovic, Het Veem, NL
3: THE GARDEN by Nicole Beutler, Frascati.NL
‘three ways to master a kiss’ by Aitana Codero Frascati.NL

2008    Will we ever be happy again? By Sanja Mitrovic (Dramaturgy) Veem Theater Amsterdam.NL Bitef Festival Belgrad.S